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frequently asked

Are the Vibrant Skin face serums good for oily, acne prone skin?

Yes! In fact, serums are probably one of the best products to have in your routine. They are lightweight, water-based formulas which makes them perfect to deliver hydration and key ingredients to support your oily, acne prone skin.

Should I use a face serum instead of a moisturiser?

This is dependant on personal preference and skin type. If your skin on the dryer side you probably need the additional step of a moisturiser, however, if you skin is oily or sensitive your skin may be just fine with a serum only.

Are the Vibrant Skin face serums safe for pregnancy?

This will depend on the type of serum. We always recommend checking the inky list and/or check with the brand before you purchase. Although, all our products follow strict UK & EU regulations and are therefore safe, there are some ingredients you can choose to avoid, such as retinol (vitamin A).

Can Vibrant Skin face serums cause breakouts?

As a rule, no. However, all skincare products have the potential to cause breakouts

Can I use the Vibrant Skin face serums daily?

Yes. For best results, use twice daily.

Can I use the Hero serums around my eyes and lips?

We recommend you avoid putting serums containing actives, around the delicate eye area or on your lips.

Can the Vibrant Skin face serums be used as primer?

It depends on your skin, if your skin is on the oily side you would probably benefit from a seperate primer, however normal to dry skin could easily be fine with one of our serums.

Can I combine the Vibrant Skin face serums with other actives such as AHAs or BHAs?

This will depend on the level of actives in your serum and if your skin is used to chemical exfoliants. If your serum is retinol based and you have never used and AHA or BHA before, we wouldn’t recommend you combine these two.

What is the best way to apply my new face serum?

Apply a pea size amount into your palm, then with your fingers, lightly dot around your face and neck before softly massaging into your skin. Apply morning and evening after cleansing.

Why are face serums so important for our skin?

Serums containing actives are the true workhorses in your skincare routine and will transfer your skin.  We included soothing ingredients to buffer the impact in our serums, safeguarding you from irritation.

Are the Vibrant Skin face serums suitable for men?

100% yes. Skin is skin.

Can I use serums if I suffer from Rosacea?

If your rosacea is active, we don’t recommend you introduce any new products.

Can I use a Vibrant Skin face serum with sensitive skin?

Yes. We recommend you apply a ‘buffer’ such as a lightweight moisturiser, in between your skin and serum layer if your new to our serums.

Do you test on animals?

Never. Vibrant Skin has never tested on animals at any stage of product development and never will. We also do not contract with any third parties who test on animals or conduct animal testing on our behalf.

Are Vibrant Skin products vegan, or do any of them contain animal by-products?

Vibrant Skin’s products are vegan because they do not contain animal or animal-derived ingredients.

Why aren’t Vibrant Skin products available Internationally?

This is because there are differences between the regulations of cosmetic products in the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia, China etc. The use of certain ingredients or substances in cosmetics are sometimes regulated differently. But stay tuned, we will be working towards international distribution in the future.

Can I buy your products in a store?

Our products are only available online, but this is something we can’t wait to set up. Stay tuned!

How can I try your products before I buy them?

Currently, we don’t offer travel-sized products, but this is something we will look at in the future. 

Are your products fragrance free?

Yes, so if you struggle with synthetic or aromatherapeutic fragrance you are safe with our products.

How long do serums last?

2 years unopened. However, we recommend you use your serum within 6 months once opened for maximum potency of the active ingredients.

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