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Energising Vitamin Serum
  • Energising Vitamin Serum

    SKU: VS1

    A powerhouse of vitamins that renews, revitalises, and plumps your skin.


    Taking it back to nature’s essentials, our Energising Vitamin serum features a powerhouse of vitamins and essential oils that transform your skin.

    We have combined the beneficial trio of skin essential vitamins, A, C, and E, to create a formula that has been developed to act on the deepest layers of your skin.  Starting with the all-important antioxidant-rich Vitamin C.  From regenerating skin cells to protecting you against further environmental and stress damage, this vitamin naturally enhances your radiance by creating newer, healthier skin.


    Then we use Vitamins A and E to provide a boost and add plumpness to the skin, both are deeply moisturising and nourishing, these twin vitamins are renowned for promoting scar healing, softening the skins texture, and brightening your skin tone.  Soothing and calming your skin with their anti-inflammatory qualities, aloe vera, sweet fennel seed, and orange essential oil sink into your skin and provides instant relief. As if that’s not enough we blended in even more active ingredients, our energising lightweight vitamin serum is perfect for combating dry, dull skin

      • Renews your skin by regenerating cells
      • Nourishes skin layers with essential vitamins
      • Softens and smooths texture by hydrating skin
      • Safeguards your skin from damage caused by pollution and stress
      • Helps heal scars, wounds, and discolouration
      • Brightens your skin tone by deeply cleansing the pores
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