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Our Story

Vibrant Skin is a natural skincare brand, founded by two sisters – Sarah Owen & Kelly Owen - after a personal journey that took them on a quest to discover exceptional, active, and natural ingredients that would support and rebuild the skin.


Back in her mid-20s, Sarah developed crippling spinal issues which lead to high doses of pain medication. This dramatically changed and aged her skin overnight, and no high-street skincare products helped.  Both sisters quickly realised the body’s skin is a complex organ that needed specific and targeted treatment. Wanting to focus on natural, plant-based ingredients the sisters spent hours researching ingredients, mixing blends, experimenting, and trialling Sarah’s inventions in their very small kitchen. It was here, their love affair with skincare and the power of nature began.


When landing on formulas that worked, Sarah began to see and feel the difference in her skin. Kelly too, noticed her skin wasn’t always dry and dehydrated. The sisters began formulating balms, then quickly moved onto creams and gels, and the more they made the more they wanted everyone to see and feel their own beautiful skin, and so, Vibrant Skin was born.


Vibrant Skin’s core value is to provide, top-quality skincare that uses natural, science-backed ingredients to offer powerful skin treatments to people of all ages who want to look radiant and feel beautiful. They believe in empowering all women through knowledge, high-impact natural formulas that are multifunctional, smart products to give them the skin they always dreamed about.


Bringing together powerful natural ingredients, the Vibrant Skin collection repairs revives and truly transforms skin.