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our story

Welcome to Vibrant Skin, a radiant journey born from the shared passion of two sisters, Sarah and Kelly Owen. Our story is one of resilience, transformation, and the discovery of the extraordinary power of natural skincare.


During her mid-20s, Sarah faced spinal issues that led to a reliance on high doses of pain medication, causing an unexpected toll on her skin. Conventional products proved futile, prompting the sisters to embark on a profound exploration of skincare. Recognising the intricate needs of the skin as a complex organ, they delved into the realm of natural, plant-based ingredients.


In the confines of their small kitchen, Sarah's concoctions became the genesis of Vibrant Skin. Hours of research, blending, and experimentation led to formulations that worked wonders. As Sarah experienced a transformative change in her skin, the sisters knew they had stumbled upon something extraordinary. Balms, creams, and gels became their canvas, and Vibrant Skin emerged as a testament to their commitment to unveiling the beauty within.


At the heart of Vibrant Skin lies a core value – to deliver top-quality skincare crafted with natural, science-backed ingredients. Our mission is to empower women of all ages to embrace radiance and beauty through knowledge and high-impact natural formulas. We believe in multifunctional, intelligent products that make radiant and dream-worthy skin a reality.


Our collection, meticulously curated with powerful natural ingredients, is designed to repair, revive, and truly transform your skin. Join us on this journey and explore Vibrant Skin's fragrance-free skincare – where radiant beauty meets the power of nature.

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